Oskar's America

Genre: Family, Comedy, - Quality: HD 1080p

Oskar's deepest wish is to be able to ride on the prairie with his mother over summer break. But alas, everything turns out differently than expected and the 10-year-old is forced to spend his vacation on his grumpy grandfather's farm. Oskar's only friend is the outsider Levi, who talks with his pony. Together they hatch a plan to get away from their grim reality: they’ll row across the Atlantic to America in grandfather's boat!

Genres:Family, Comedy
Casts:Odin Eikre (Oskar), Jørgen Langhelle (Levi), Marie Blokhus (Isabel), Bjørn Sundquist (Helmer), Anders T. Andersen (Doctor), Torstein Bjørklund (Jan), Jonathan Espolin-Johnson (Lensmann), Bethlem M. Patrick (Thea), Simen Roaldsen (Tom), Marcus Kruse (Isak), Jørgen Folkestad (Rune), Lena Hope (NRK Reporter)

Oskar's America Full Movie

Oskar's America

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